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At around 3 or 4 am my water broke. I struggled thru the wee hours to have Kristin but by daylight it looked like she just wasnt coming quick enough. She was delivered by c-sect at 9:54am. I never knew if I was having a boy or girl. I was awakened from the drugs to see a BEAUTIFUL 8lb 12 oz baby girl. After a couple of days in the hospital with no problems we went home on the 3rd day. Kristin wore a frilly pink dress home that he Me-Ma bought for her. 
Lifetime of Awards
06-19-88- Came into this world the most beautiful angel
1989- Competed in Little Miss Possum Hollow Pageant
1990-1994 - recreational Cheerleader
06-10-1994- graduated from kindergarten
06-09-1995- Honor roll for 1st grade
06-09-1995- award for 90% or higher on ITBS in math
06-09-1995- award for 90% or higher on ITBS in reading
05-30-1996- Honor roll for 2nd grade
05-30-1996- award for 90% or higher in math
05-30-1996- award for highest average in language arts
05-30-1996- award for highest average in social studies
05-30-1997- Honor roll for 3rd grade
05-29-1998- Honor roll for 4th grade
05-29-1998- Excellence award for math on ITBS
05-29-1998- Certificate of achievement in academic studies
05-29-1998- award for 90% or higher in reading
05-29-1998- award for 90% or higher in social studies
1998 -1999- Honor Roll all year
1999-         President's Education Award-Letter From Bill Clinton
05-02-2000- Honor Roll for 6th grade
05-07-2000- Honor Roll for 7th grade
05-07-2000- Outstanding achievement in Duke University Talent Project
05-07-2000- Award for mathematically and verbally gifted 7th graders
05-29-2001- Honor roll for 8th grade
05-13-2002- President's Education Award for academic excellence
05-13-2002- Honor Roll for 9th grade
05-13-2003- ELHS Band of Gold Color Guard
05-15-2004- ELHS Band of Gold Color Guard
09-2004    - Scored 582 on grad writing test, perfect score is 600
05-05-2005- ELHS Band of Gold Color Guard
01-15-2005- Left this world the most beautiful angel
Fly My Angel - You've Earned Your Wings

06-19-1988 to 01-14-05
Every precious moment is held in my heart forever. 
When You Left Me
No one knows the exact time Kristin left us. They pronounced her brain dead on 01-15-05 at 2:54pm. I couldnt even cry at that point. I didnt believe what they said. It was just too wrong, they were just trying to scare me. I feel like she left us shortly after the wreck but the medical field fought with everything they had to give her a chance. A mom just knows.
That awful day!! 01-14-05

Kristin was in a fatal one car accident about 3:45 pm.
She had just left school, her 2nd home. She was on the way to her grandmothers house for the weekend which was only a 10 minute drive. She went to pass a fellow schoolmate, lost control of the car and hit a utility pole. It resulted in a closed head injury as the medical field types it. She hit her head very badly as I type it. Nothing else on her entire body was hurt. Just very minor scratches and bruises. She was unconscious at the wreck scene and never regained. Her school mates were immediately on the scene to be with her until help arrived.


Valentine's Day 2005

I always get yall something for Valentine's Day and have it on the table before school. No exception this time.We put balloons at the wrecksite. I remember that if you didnt have a boyfriend at the time, I always made sure you had balloons or flowers delivered to the school.


My Birthday 2005
What an awful day. Didnt want to celebrate at all. I did decide to go get a tattoo. I got more color put in the tattoo that I got when I was 3 months pregnant with you and added a butterfly and Kristin in a ribbon across the bottom. I always wondered on my birthdays why you didnt get me stuff. Just a kid thing I know, but you always said "Happy Birthday Momma". That is good enough for me. I still have the little angel you got me one time. And stuff you made in school for me.
High School Prom 2005
This would have been your first prom at your school. Several of your friends came to the camphouse to hang out a little before prom. I gave the guys angel coins to put in their pockets. I gave the girls flashing butterfly pins/necklaces. I also had a bunch of pictures of you in butterfly frames for each of them. Gene brought me a ticket to the prom and I went. Bittersweet. 

Easter 2005
It rained all day. So we decided to stay home. Suits me. We hid eggs in the house for Jake and Ashley to find.
Mother's Day 2005
Another day that doesnt feel like a celebration of any kind. I searched frantically for the card you gave me last year. I wish I could find it. I couldnt remember if you gave it to me on my birthday or Mother's Day but I'm about positive it was today. It made me cry. You wrote the sweetest note in it. I bought everyone Dixie Butterfly t-shirts to wear for Mother's Day. They all had them on. 

Band Banquet 2005
This was your 3rd year on the color guard. You probably would have made captain or co-captain your senior year. I went to the banquet because I always had with you. They gave me a beautiful plaque with a picture of you and the girls. In your honor they will award a "Keep Smiling Award" every year. Because of you being well known for your smiling face. All the girls received trophies with your name on them. The band and guard all signed a black band shirt and framed it and presented it to me. They said the will retire the color black from their attire from now on in your memory.

School Yearbook Dedication 2005
It is time to pass out the yearbooks. The senior class dedicates their little ceremony to someone and it is you. They presented me and your dad with a yearbook in your memory. They did a special page for you in it. When we walked up to receive the books, it was a standing ovation. That was for you baby. April carried your autograph pages to school with her for all your friends to sign. They filled up the pages just as I thought :)
Graduation of the "Class Of 2005"

It rained all day. They held it in the gym. Will along with MANY of your friends took that special walk. It was emotional. Knowing I should be doing this again next year but with you making that walk. 

First Birthday in Heaven 06-19-05

Kristin spent her 17th birthday in Heaven. It will never be the same here on June 19th but will ALWAYS be celebrated. It is the day that my life changed forever.

We met at 3pm at the church where Kristin is laid to rest. We sang Happy Birthday and at the end of the song we released over 30 balloons with notes attached. Over 50 people attended. All close family and friends. Many brought gifts too. Ashley (sister) was going to sing "How do I live without you" by Leeann Rimes. She was about 4 lines into the song and got too emotional to finish. But I know Kristin heard her practicing for two solid weeks at home so she knew how well she did it. Grandmother Pam read something she had written herself to Kristin. I had two poems I wanted to read but was too emotional to do it. But Kristin also had heard me read them here at home. We all moved the party to Me-Ma's camphouse where Kristin has held past birthday parties including her last years Sweet 16 party. We enjoyed butterfly cake and munchies. We shared stories, videos, pictures, and lots of love and memories.

After everyone went their separate ways. We came home and lit sparklers in the yard.

We Love You And Miss You
We Look Forward To Next Year To Celebrate You Again!

July 4th 2005
Not much on this day either. I had the redneck games on my mind so much. You always looked forward to going. I can remember last years just like it was yesterday. I thought about going to the games but it was rainy as usual and decided not to do it. Why walk around looking sad with all the fun going on
We just kept it lowkey and close to home. Holidays are not the same this year and I would rather be at home. I try to get out a little for JAke and Ashley. I think today "What do I have to be thankful for?" Thats one a better answer latter on because I'm still mad that this is happening to us. To you.
Halloween 2005
We did Halloween as usual at Sandra's. Not the same as any holiday or occasion. LOTS of your friends came and helped with the trail. I dressed as a butterfly. TJ put a wrecked car at the end of the trail and talked with each group at the end of the importance of safe driving. I was uncomfortable with it at first but it was ok. We put your pictures up of you. Dressed up at the last Halloween.

Christmas 2005

Oh wow...where to begin. How will this ever be the holiday it once was?? I decorated the tree in angels and butterflies. I hung your ornaments you made over the years. Something you always did. Your stocking was on the wall as usual and it will always be there. I even wrapped you presents under the tree. I cant stand the thought of not. We put a Christmas tree at the wrecksight and cemetery. Along with lots of other stuff. Butterflies were everywhere at the camphouse on Christmas Eve. I dont think there was one person not wearing a butterfly (well, the guys). I gave angel ornaments holding a butterfly. I cooked all your favorite things on Christmas morning. I have heard soem people say to do something different, it would help with the emotions. I couldnt stand the thought of not doing what we have done for as many years as I can remember. First Christmas without you.. how could this be. It still feels like yesterday. I still can remember last year. You outlasting us and it is the first year I let you go ahead and take a peek at what you had. You just bounced and hugged and grinned and run to get on the phone to tell someone. 

My roses were still blooming on Christmas. I'm sure you had a hand in that. I decorated your garden in the front yard. Lined it with green lights. Christmas trees and a HUGE lighted butterfly. Hope you can see it.

Sad New Year 2006
I thought I had been through the worst. I didnt know the New Year would be like this. It was awful. I could remember EVERY detail of last year. You babysat while we went to a Tonto and Kim's. We decided to come home early to bring in the new year with you kids and yall couldnt get out the door quick enough to ramble down the road. It was ok... I knew where you were.

We watched a little tv and popped a few firecrackers out of your bedroom. Too many memories and way too soon to celebrate anything.
The thought of 2005 leaving.... it is the last year I had a little time with you. It was only 2 weeks but I still had you that long. 2006 I wont have you any.
Your First Angel-versary 01-14-06
One year without you. Unbelievable still to this day. How could time not stop when I want it to so bad. We (Mom, Todd, Ashley, Jake and Ashley's friend Ramsey) went to the wreck site and released a balloon with our notes. Jake said you scooped them right up. Ashley and Ramsey cried because we miss you. We all did, we all do. I guess this should be a time of precious memories but my heart just hurts so much still. I'm still in the why? WHY? stage. Its mine and Todd's wedding anniversary too. 11 years. We did manage to choke a steak down, at home. we love you, will always remember you, and you will always be included in everything we do. You are our missing link!
Valentines Day 2006
Missing my sweetheart. I hope you like the black gorilla with the heart. Sure wish you was here to send some flowers of balloons to. 
My 40th Birthday
Gosh Kristin. Guess what? I'm 40,,, can you believe that. You ALWAYS would tell me "Aw, momma, your not old." But I bet you would this year in your sweet quirky way. Todd and michelle threw me a surprise birthday party. All I could do was burst out crying before I could get in the door of the camphouse. I just miss you so much! But the party was great. Lots of food, very good friends, and my supportive family. And of course, lots of butterfly presents. OH and the butterfly cake, did you see that? It was beautiful. I love ya sweetie!
Easter 2006
No rain this Easter. So we did the easter egg hunt at the camphouse. I know you had already gotten too old to hunt eggs but the holidays are so sad without you. I chose to do the cooking and stay hid. I got you wonderful sign. Snow in March is wonderful. All the cute outfits had butterflies and bunches of butterfly eggs.
"The first" Kristin J Gillis Memorial Scholarship Awarded
Through all the hard work with yard sales and bbq plate sales and donations from family and friends, I decided that your name should continue to ring in the halls of East Laurens High School. Each year a scholarship check will be awarded to a wonderful recipient that is a member of the band and/or color guard. I also had a beautiful plaque with your picture attached made that hangs in the bandroom and a plate will be added each year with the recipients name. This year it was awarded to Sharnese Axson, your buddy. I was very proud to stand there and hug her and see the tears and smile on her face when we called her name as the very first student to be honored. Go Class Of 2006.

Graduation "Class Of 2006"
It came whether I wanted it to or not. More not than anything. A day that we both had looked forward to for so long. I knew I had to be there, I knew it would hurt like hell. But how could I not go and see all the friends that you held so dear in your heart walk that walk and "remember" with you. Me and Todd left flowers on your memorial bench on the long walk in. My entire insides was like jello. I had closed my eyes all week long as I passed the school so I couldnt see the preparations for graduation. Me and your dad was seated with all the parents just as we should have been. We had an end seat right where all the graduates walk through the middle of all the parents. I got to see each face, the faces I had seen for 13 years at that school. Minus the one, the most important. They held a moment of silence in your memory at the beginning, I held it together as best I could until they had them switch the tassel. Oh how I wish time could rewind. 
  They gave me a white rose and your diploma. Shay even gave me her yellow rose. When I flipped the diplome open, I just laughed. Name wrong AGAIN. So many times over the years, always spelling your name wrong. Always K-R-I-S-T-E-N instead the correct Kristin. But not this time. The entire middle name was wrong. JANICE... what a wonderful sign to me. So we survived the night, barely. When the weekend came, off to Savannah with 8 graduates. If you were here, we would have been doing it, so we figured why not. We had a blast. Another sign to let me know you were with us, a HUGE butterfly bush growing right smack in front of out motel room door. Tears all the way home. You Graduated Baby!!
Your Birthday 2006 6-19-06


18.... its so hard to believe you would be 18... and doing what...and going where? Thats the hard part. To also see the changes in your friends appearances as another year goes by and you stay "forever 16". 
Well, we just kept it low-key this birthday. Todd, Ashley, Jake and myself met with your dad at the cemetery to release balloons. Your grandma and papa pulled up about the same time too. We sang Happy Birthday and came back home to eat the birthday cake I baked for you. Happy Birthday Kristin, I miss you like crazy!!

August 2006
Another school year has started. Ashley went to the middle school and began the 6th grade, and Jake began kindergarten. I enrolled in college. Thats where you should be too.....

I have classes with April and seen a few more from the school of your graduating class. Thanks for the wonderful signs my first week, I really needed them.
Halloween 2006
We decided to go back to the old door to door trick or treating this year. Jake didnt even know what trick or treating was. It was fun and different. I still miss you so much. Boy, how you always got so excited about Halloween.
Thanksgiving 2006
And time ticks on. No, it isnt going to stop like I have pleaded. So we do the best we can. You are missed so much. Especially during these upcoming holidays. That hole that is always there just expands beyond words. Who would you be today..........
Christmas 2006
Well I tried to keep your garden lit up but RUNT will not quit chewing the cords into. So I got a candle for your window, he cant get to that. The tree is beautiful this year with all your ornaments and the butterflies and the angels and all the handmade ornaments you, Ashley and Jake have made over the years. And your stocking is just where it should be. We put small Christmas trees at the wrecksite and cemetery again this year. Someone stole a bunch of your things from the cemetery, how sad is that. 
And Christmas morning came. Its is so different without you here but we include you in everything. Your stocking was filled along with Ashleys's and Jake's. You must have been good :)
Merry Christmas My Sweet Angel.... I'll see you soon!
New Year 2007

Damn, another year beginning. We had a cookout at the camphouse, so that was an improvement of not being able to function. Right as the time started counting down 10-9-8-7..... I ran to my bag of fireworks to get the firecrackers I had bought in TN for you. Only they turned out to be some type of colorful flare thingys. Eh well, I tried. I hate these new years of No Kristin. In 2005, I had you for 2 weeks but now the new year is very hard. Some wouldnt think that the New Year would be unbearable as the other holidays but it is, if not more painful. 
Happy New Year Kristin!! I Love You!!!

The Year of 2007.. Beginning 2008

I decided I would not enter each holiday or special event that Kristin is not beside us. I feel like I will be repeating myself alot. Everyday is a sad day without her presence. Every holiday, birthday, and family gathering, she is missed so much

Life goes on but my heart I know will never mend. People see me as doing better but they are not there each and every night that I cry before I lay my head down. Damn near 3 years now. I'm glad that I can smile now at special memories. But some just the same brings me to my knees in disbelief that this has happened. 

Now going into 2008, the 3rd year of grief and missing Kristin beyond words. As for grief, it does change but the pain does not. You learn to hide things alot better. We grieving parents should win oscars because we put on a terrific act at times, many times. I learn to accept that hollow feeling in my heart and know this is a part of me now. As much as I want things to be the way they were, I know they never will. Kristin was a part of me, how could things ever be even close to the normal I once knew.

I appreciate some things again. My love still grows for all 3 of my children. I still run across something special and not previous known about Kristin. Just this week I found a paper where she had tested for the local vo-tech with amazing scores. Not too surprising to me as for the scores but I never knew she had taken the entrance exam. Go Kristin!

Gone are the days we use to share
But in my heart you are always there
The gates of memory will never close
I miss you more than anyone knows
With tender love and deep regret
I Love You Kristin And I Will Never Forget!

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