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14 years...  / Aunt Tammy   Read >>
14 years...  / Aunt Tammy
Love and miss you everyday! Close
13 Years ago  / Aunt Tammy (Aunt)  Read >>
13 Years ago  / Aunt Tammy (Aunt)
Love and miss you everyday!!!💝 Close
12 Years Ago  / Aunt Tammy   Read >>
12 Years Ago  / Aunt Tammy
Missing you.....In my thoughts everyday! Close
11 years ago....  / Aunt Tammy   Read >>
11 years ago....  / Aunt Tammy
Love and miss you everyday!! The years are ticking by. Memories of you never fade. Close
10 years today....  / Aunt Tammy   Read >>
10 years today....  / Aunt Tammy
Love and miss you everyday!!!! Close
9 Years Today.......  / Tammy (Aunt)  Read >>
9 Years Today.......  / Tammy (Aunt)
Love and Miss you lots on your Angelversary....and everyday!! Close
8 Years too long  / Momma (Mom)  Read >>
8 Years too long  / Momma (Mom)

Ha, I was reading the last post I had made last year. About packing up your room and letting Ashley move in. Well that never happened,, LOL. I didnt get it all packed up until about 2 or 3 weeks ago and JAKE moved in. Ashley knew if you sent any type of sign her way she would freak out and not go back in there, funny.

8 Years... so crazy for it to even be that long. I remember as if it was yesterday but also feels like 1,000 years since I've seen or heard you. How does one go on... well, you just do. Jake started middle school this year and he was 3 when you passed and Ashley is a senior and she was 9 when you passed... doing the year that you were so excited to get to but never did. I know you're watching, hopefully sending small whispers of encouragement or nudges just to keep us all in line. We miss you and think about you daily... just sure wish I was not a parent that has to wait so long to see you again. I miss you terribly!! Thanks for the dream, as weird as it was... dont care because it was great to see your beautiful face. I Love You


8 year ago.....  / Tammy (Aunt)  Read >>
8 year ago.....  / Tammy (Aunt)
you left us with broken over your mom....she needs and miss you!!! Close
08-12-2012 / Momma   Read >>
08-12-2012 / Momma
Well, I packed up your room today. We will move everything out next weekend and let Ashley move in. Jake has outgrown his room and needs to grow a little so we will move some of your things in his old room and make a memory room. I didnt realize how much there was in your room. Through the tears and emotions, you continue to live on through our hearts so the material things are just extra stuff we will share and enjoy over the remaining years. We miss you so much and continue to share all we can as much as we can. Ashley had ILM of KJG inscribed inside her class ring and took her picture of you from her room with her when she took her senior pics and had a picture made with the two of you. I finally gave Jake his teddy bear made out of your seat covers and a necklace of yours. Oh and them handcuffs he has been begging for years now :). I told April to come get a notebook you had all of yalls notes in so she could read them .. and keep if she wanted. It hurts to let anything go but I think it hurts worse to throw it in a container to just sit there and nobody enjoy or remember. I gave Michelle and Hayley a butterfly light and a stuffed teddy bear from your wall to Kat today when they stopped by. Nothing is easy, never has been since that day, life goes on, love continues, love grows and so does the sadness. I miss you terribly, I love you more than the day you were born if that is at all possible. I hope this year is a good one, send us all them wonderful signs as the new school year begins and Ashley walks through her senior year and Jake starts his middle school years. Close
April's wedding 04-07-2012  / Momma   Read >>
April's wedding 04-07-2012  / Momma

Sure did miss you yesterday at your sister's wedding. She was the perfect bride and the wedding was beautiful. She misses you so much and you could see that with all the butterflies she had throughout her wedding. They were EVERYWHERE. I was afraid I would be too emotional but it turned out lots of people were crying so it was ok. But just the beauty of it helped me enjoy APRIL'S day and save my tears for you another day, today. It's days like this that really do make me wonder .... where would you be today. I guess I'll have to settle with you watching from above. Now send me that sign :)


My Love continues and grows everyday.

7 Years Ago  / Aunt Tammy (Aunt)  Read >>
7 Years Ago  / Aunt Tammy (Aunt)

You were the last person on my mind last night and the first person on my mind this morning....miss you you!!!!

Kristin / Natalie Camp   Read >>
Kristin / Natalie Camp
I am thinking of you today. I know you must be having a wonderful homecoming celebration in Heaven. I will have my candle lit in your honor tonight. I hope Anthony doesn't eat all your cake :) I can imagine your homecoming celebrations are so much more glorious than the celebrations for your birthdays. I look forward to meeting you one day when I get to Heaven. I am sure Ant will take me around to meet all his friends. Although, I feel like I have known and loved you for a long time. Send your mom lots and lots of signs today...she still misses you and always will.
Remembering you always.....Nat.
6 Years Ago Today  / Aunt Tammy   Read >>
6 Years Ago Today  / Aunt Tammy
Our world changed forever......miss you!!!! Close
i miss you.  / Ashley (Sister)  Read >>
i miss you.  / Ashley (Sister)
i'm sitting in school right now and decided to show some of my friends your sites i feel so proud to say "thats my sister" your so beautiful i miss your smiling face everyday. i cant help but think " it shouldn't be this way" everytime i walk into your room. i love you and miss you. Close
Just You  / Natalie (Angel friend's mom )  Read >>
Just You  / Natalie (Angel friend's mom )
I just spent some time watching your slide show and it is absolutely beautiful! I especially love the ones with your mom. And the ones with your friends. And the ones with your doing your flag thingy! I know you guys are probably up there getting everything ready for your glorious birthday celebration. I hope it is just magical! Send your mom lots of birthday signs because you know how us moms are! You are and always will be her first love. Your in my heart always! Love Nat. Close
5 Years Today  / Tammy (Aunt)  Read >>
5 Years Today  / Tammy (Aunt)
I talked to you mom a little while ago and she was very excited about the signs...keep them  you.....miss you!!! Close
Faith Nicole Welch  / Mae Candlish ([april c's lil sis] )  Read >>
Faith Nicole Welch  / Mae Candlish ([april c's lil sis] )
Hey kristin
 I just wanted you to know that April had her baby on Juni 12 2009. She was a beautiful little girl and they named her Faith Nicole Welch. I know April wishes you could of been there in person but we all know you were there in spirit urging April through the hard time she had with Faith.
I look at my older sister everyday and I can't imagine how she has dealt with losing her best friend then I remember your still with her just as much as you used to be.
You put your arm around her when she needs it and pick her up when she falls just like you did before.
I know your always around her and you'll always be there for her and i want to thank you for that.
I was looking through some old year books the other day and I saw your nineth and tenth grade pictures and i almost cried. You were so happy and beautiful and it pains me that your life was ended so suddenly. I know you would've graduated and gone to college to make a difference in this world but miraculously you made a difference in this world before you got to do all that. You made a wonderful difference.
I see your little sister walking down the hallways and i think to myself "She's walking exactly where her sister walked a little over 4 years ago" and i just know your following behind her...making sure she's okay.

We all miss you Kristin and we all love you. More than words could ever explain.

--Mae <33 Close
kristen (baby gurl)  / Joshua Bell (long time friend )  Read >>
kristen (baby gurl)  / Joshua Bell (long time friend )
im in iraq i brought all my pictures with me and i came across the ones from 7th grade. the best year of my life. we always together that year. i remember wait anxiously during class for it to be break time so we can walk around together. me you wayne april and michael. ive got alot of great memories in life but i have to say one of the best ones is you. i came across a love not that you wrote me that year about 6 months ago while i was visiting my dad. it was the one where you told me that crazy by k-ci and jojo was our song. i still remember you playing that song like crazy. but everytime you heard it it put a smile on your face so beautiful it could warm the world. you are and always will be a great and beautiful person and will always be in my heart and dreams. thank you for everything baby gurl..........josh Close
To Angel Kristin  / Kim (Angel Brandi's Mom)   Read >>
To Angel Kristin  / Kim (Angel Brandi's Mom)


You are so loved and missed.  Hold your family close so they know you are always near them.  Please tell my Brandi I love her and give her a big hug for me.  Thanks so much.  Love Kim

Love and miss you Angel!!!  / Mema (Grandmother)  Read >>
Love and miss you Angel!!!  / Mema (Grandmother)

you are in our hearts forever.. take care of baby Trenton..hes a beautiful angel..

                     THE BROKEN CHAIN

We didnt know that morning that god was going to call your name

In life we loved you dearly,in death we do the same

It broke our hearts to lose you,you didnt go alone.

For part of us went with you when God called you home.

You left us wonderful memories,your love is still our guide.

And tho we cant see you,you are still at our side.

Our family chain is broken,and its never going to be the same.

But as God call us one by one,the chain will link again.

                        *** BUTTERFLY KISSES***

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